Tag: wetlands
  • NAO-2019-0941 (West Neck Creek)

    Expiration date: 2/28/2022

    Samet Corporation is proposing the construction of a 219,000 square foot distribution warehouse (called Project Door) at the intersection of Dam Neck Road and Harpers Road in Virginia Beach, VA. The project will impact 0.73 acres of palustrine emergent wetlands and 2,523 linear feet of intermittent stream. The public comment period ends on February 28, 2021.


    Expiration date: 10/27/2021

    The United States Air Force (Air Force) is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate impacts associated with proposed construction improvements to the Third Port facility at Joint Base Langley-Eustis – Fort Eustis (JBLE-Eustis) located in Skiffes Creek. The purpose of the proposed project is to prepare JBLE-Eustis for up to 10 new vessels that will be assigned to the Third Port in the near future. Additionally, other improvements are proposed to increase the usable waterway for the existing fleet and new vessels and to aid in training for cargo logistics and vessel operations.
  • NAO-2020-00984

    Expiration date: 7/15/2021

    The applicant is proposing the construction of a new interchange to reduce current and future traffic congestion at the intersection of Balls Ford Road and the Prince William County Parkway (Route 234). 

  • CENAO-WRR 2009-02094, 20-V2189

    Expiration date: 6/3/2021

    The project is located on a site known as “Camptown Races” containing approximately 197 acres of land located on the east line of Elletts Crossing Road, the north line of Hickory Hill Road, and the west line of Interstate Route 95 in Hanover County, Virginia.  The site drains to the South Anna River, a tributary to the Pamunkey River within the York River watershed.  A vicinity map is attached.

  • NAO-2021-01135 / VMRC# 21-V0533

    Expiration date: 6/7/2021

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE: Microsoft proposes to construct a new data center facility to house servers used in cloud-based computing. This facility will be constructed as part of a multi-phased campus development, which will consist of data center buildings, administration buildings, substations, a tank farm, parking, access roads, and security buildings. The campus will result in the permanent loss of 0.502 acres of wetlands, 2,069 linear feet of intermittent stream, & 992 linear feet of perennial stream, as well as temporary impacts to 0.03 acres of wetlands and 149 linear feet of stream.