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Know your terms

Flood Watch
A flood is possible in your area. Take appropriate precautions.

Flood Warning
flooding is already occurring or will occur soon in your area. Seek safety.

Flash Flood Watch
Indicates that flash flooding is a possibility in or close to the watch area.

Flash Flood Warning
A flood warning issued for life/property threatening flooding that will occur.* Seek safety.

*Very heavy rain in a short period of time can lead to flash flooding, depending on local terrain, ground cover, degree of urbanization, amount of man-made changes to the natural river banks, and initial ground or river condition. Dam breaks can also create flash flooding.


Silver Jackets logoThe Silver Jackets is an innovative program that brings together multiple state, federal and sometimes tribal and local agencies, to learn from each other and jointly apply resources to reduce flood risk. Visit the official website.

The Silver Jacket’s program mission is to reduce flood risk within the commonwealth by  identifying and resolving  flood hazards through flood observation and warning systems, planning, flood hazard mapping, flood hazard mitigation, dams as well as flood response and recovery activities.

Flood Risk Management Resources

Do you know how to protect your home, town and community during a flood?

People who live and work in the flood plain need to know about the flooding hazard and actions they can take to reduce property damage and prevent loss of life caused by flooding.

Norfolk District's Flood-Plain Management Services Program was developed by the Corps of Engineers to specifically address this need.

Before the flood   

During the flood


After the flood


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Flood facts Severe Weather Warnings  How to check your home
Know your flood risk Rain fall levels  Prevent mold in your home
Will your house flood? National Hurricane Center Is your food safe to eat?
The cost of flood damage River conditions Is my drinking water safe
Prepare your house Protect yourself  Insurance claims
Reduce flood damages How do I shelter in place Basic necessities 
Prepare your house Current travel conditions  Rebuilding a community 
Are you required to have
flood insurance
  What can I do to lessen
my loss
next time?
Flood insurance information   Find a shelter
Prepare emergency supplies   Coping after a disaster
Disaster plan for pets     
Make a family disaster plan