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Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management
Photo By: Civil Works
VIRIN: 180723-A-BJ794-003

As a result of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Congress passed P.L. 113-2, a portion of which directed actions USACE was to take, including preparation of two interim reports to Congress, a project performance evaluation report, and a comprehensive study to address the flood risks of vulnerable coastal populations in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy within the boundaries of the North Atlantic Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 
USACE completed the North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study (NACCS - link to PDF) which identified nine high risk areas on the Atlantic Coast for an in-depth analysis based on preliminary analyses.  
The City of Norfolk has been identified as one of these nine areas of high risk, or Focus Areas, that warrants an in-depth investigation into potential coastal storm risk management solutions. 

The Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management Study is a comprehensive investigation of flood risk management problems and solutions in the City of Norfolk.  The study will consider past, current, and future flood risk management and resilience planning initiatives and projects underway by the USACE and other federal, state, and local agencies. Three overarching efforts will be performed:

  • Assess the study area’s problems, opportunities, and future without project conditions
  • Assess the feasibility of implementing system-wide flood risk management solutions  
    Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management
    Photo By: Civil Works
    VIRIN: 180723-A-BJ794-002
  • If system-wide solutions are not feasible, assess the feasibility of implementing site-specific solutions, such as structural, non-structural, and natural and nature-based features, possibly in combination.

The Norfolk District will perform the functional activities of a feasibility-level study in accordance with USACE SMART Planning and Civil Works Modernization guidance and milestones.  The study will include planning, engineering, economics, environmental resources, and NEPA compliance.   


This study was authorized by Resolution of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works dated July 25, 2012.

Study Sponsor
City of Norfolk

Project Study Area
City of Norfolk

February 2016 -- Federal Cost Sharing Agreement 
August 2016 -- Alternative Milestones
August 2017 -- Tentatively Selected Plan
March 2018 -- Agency Decision Milestone
January 2019 -- Chief of Engineer's Report

Study Cost
$3 million

Project Info

Norfolk District officials presented details of the Norfolk Coastal Storm Risk Management study to members of Norfolk City Council May 23, 2017.
View the presentation.

Study Area Map

Map of Study Area/City of Norfolk

Project Contact

Norfolk District, USACE
803 Front Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Christine Morris
Chief Resilience Officer
501 Boush St. 
Norfolk, VA 23510