Real Estate Office

Real Estate Office consists of real estate specialists and appraisers who plan, appraise, acquire, lease and manage real estate for both Civil Works and Military Construction projects and dispose of excess property within the Commonwealth of Virginia. It administers the following programs:

Army Timber Disposal Program
We manage timber harvests and sales on all Army installations within North Atlantic Division which includes the entire northeastern United States. For more information, call 757-201-7736.

Leased Government Housing
We acquire and manage leases for housing for members of all branches of the Armed Services throughout the state of Virginia. For more information, call 757-201-7628.

Residential Communites Initiative
Provide Real Estate support for the entire Department of the Army’s Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Program, the privatization of Army Family Housing on Army installations throughout the continental United States. Norfolk District’s Chief of Real Estate is also the Department of the Army RCI Real Estate Program Manager for all RCI sites nationwide. For more information, call 757-201-7188.

Recruiting Facilities Command
A major program is the planning, leasing and management of the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Centers throughout the state of Virginia. For more information, call 757-201-7739.

Contact Information

Real Estate
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