Mission Support Division

The Mission Support Division provides advice to the district commander, district leadership and employees on issues dealing with security, safety, equal employment opportunities and personnel.

Civilian Personnel Advisory Center is critical to the district's success in recruiting, developing and retaining high performance team members. In the future, we will not define the workforce in terms of occupations or services, which are narrow and restrictive, but more in terms of skills and competencies. We are focused on building competencies that help us meet customer requirements. To learn more about career opportunities within the district visit our careers page

Equal Employment Office develops, implements, monitors and evaluates a district-wide equal employment opportunity program for our employees that creates a work environment free from illegal discrimination and sexual harassment. It ensure that federal laws and regulations are followed. Learn about our Reasonable Accommodation Process.

ACE-IT information technology team provides service to USACE that includes management, automation, communications, information assurance, records management, printing and publications, and visual information services.

Logistics Management Office provides infrastructure support and program management in the areas of maintenance management, transportation management, supply and facilities management; and travel, transportation, warehousing, property, office moves, building and grounds maintenance, locksmithing, and custodial services.

LMO provides services to the district such as travel, transportation, warehousing, property, office moves, building and grounds maintenance, locksmithing and custodial actions.

Safety Office Provide the commander and staff with advice and assistance in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluation of all safety and health programs within the Norfolk District in accordance with AR 385-10. 

Develops and maintains a balanced safety and occupational health program within the policies, procedures, standards and techniques prescribed. Ensures that required safety features are incorporated into all plans, designs, specifications, operating and maintenance procedures and training programs. Conducts progressive research into accident problems of the District and develops corrective controls indicated as necessary.

Performs safety and occupational health functions as set forth in AR 385-10, Army Safety Program.

Security and Law Enforcement Office The Security and Law Enforcement Office provides quality and responsive security, law enforcement and force protection support to all personnel and facilities in the Norfolk District, ensuring Corps employees and visitors will have a safe and secure environment in which to operate.

Mission / Functional Responsibilities


Force Protection

Law Enforcement


Personnel Security
Physical Security
Operation Security (OPSEC)
Foreign Disclosure/Visits
Contingency/Mobilization Support

Homeland Security
Violence in the Workplace
Risk/Vulnerability Assessments
Overseas Travel Briefings
Travel Alerts
Individual Protection Measures
Bomb Threat Procedures

Crime Prevention Program
Incident Reporting
Identity Theft

News and Information
Building Access Cards
Visitor Access
Common Access Cards (CAC)
Contractor Verification System (CVS)
Vehicle Registration
Scams, Hoaxes, Legends

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