Tag: wetlands
  • NAO-2004-03304 (04-V0271)/17-V1755

    Expiration date: 12/15/2017

    Harbor Station Communities, LLC proposes the modification of the existing authorized Potomac Shores (a.k.a. Harbor Station) permit to include additional and revised impacts associated with the redevelopment plans for Landbays 4 and 5 due to final site plan engineering that will include the construction of the final phases of the residential development and associated infrastructure in Prince William County, Virginia. Permanent impacts are to 1.51 acres of palustrine forested wetlands, 0.28 acre of palustrine emergent wetland, 0.03 acre of stream channel and 3.36 acres of palustrine open water. Temporary impacts are to 0.04 acre of wetlands and 0.10 of stream channel. Comment period ends December 15, 2017.

  • NAO-2016-0046

    Expiration date: 10/19/2017

    The proposed mitigation site (Site) is located on approximately 18.13 acres of a previous sand and gravel mining site. The Site is located in Philips Creek drainage basin which is a tributary that flows to the Atlantic Ocean in Northampton County, Virginia. The sponsor proposes to establish, design, construct, and operate a compensatory wetland mitigation site to be known as AO-6 Philips Creek (Branscome, Inc.). The purpose of the mitigation project is to provide off-site compensatory mitigation for projects that result in unavoidable impacts to wetlands and other waters of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean Drainage Basin.

  • NAO-2017-00929

    Expiration date: 9/28/2017

    The proposed project would occur on unnamed tributaries to White Run and wetlands adjacent to the tributaries. The proposed project is located in the Rapidan-Upper Rappahannock watershed. The site is located at 221 Luck Stone Road, Ruckersville, Greene County, Virginia. The applicant proposes to place fill into waters of the United States (U.S.) in order to expand the existing Greene Plant crushed stone quarry. Luck Stone proposes to extract the additional mineral reserves located adjacent to and northwest of the existing quarry for the stated purpose of meeting a current demand for aggregates as well as allowing the quarry to operate for the next 100 years without any future impacts to waters of the U.S.

  • NAO-2006-7473

    Expiration date: 6/22/2017

    Woodlands Neighborhoods LLC proposes to construct a mixed-use residential and commercial development on approximately 137 acres west and south of the intersection of East Market Street (Route 7) and Battlefield Parkway in the Town of Leesburg. Comments are due June 22, 2017.

  • Issuance of the 2017 State Programmatic General Permit (17-SPGP)

    Expiration date: 5/11/2017

    The Norfolk District proposes the issuance of the 2017 State Programmatic General Permit (17-SPGP). The 17-SPGP is proposed for use with residential, commercial, institutional and linear transportation projects that meet the requirements and general conditions as written in the proposed 17-SPGP permit authorization. The 17-SPGP will be a modified version of and replace for the 12-SPGP-01 which is set to expire May 31, 2017.