Tag: mitigation
  • NAO-2012-02471

    Expiration date: 1/4/2013

    The mitigation sponsor, The Nature Conservancy, proposes to purchase 2,500 stream credits from the Roanoke River Stream and Wetlands Mitigation bank to satisfy existing impacts and liabilities that have accrued to the Virginia Aquatic Resources Trust Fund. Public comment period ends Jan. 4, 2013.

  • NAO-2011-00900

    Expiration date: 1/11/2013

    Clintwood Elkhorn Mining Company proposes to conduct bituminous coal extraction on a proposed surface mine of approximately 260 acres in Buchanan County, Va. The applicant proposes to fill and excavate waters of the U. S. during mining and excess material disposal for the purpose of recovering approximately 2.2 million tons of coal. Public comment period ends Jan. 11, 2013.

  • NAO-2007-4126 (VMRC 12-1725)

    Expiration date: 1/7/2013

    The Isle of Wight County proposes roadway improvements to Benn’s Church Boulevard (State Route 10/32) and Brewer’s Neck Boulevard (US Route 258) and the construction an extension of Brewer’s Neck Boulevard in Isle of Wight County, Va. Public comment period ends Jan. 7, 2013.

  • NAO-00-2203

    Expiration date: 12/18/2012

    Plains Marketing, L.P., proposes to convert an existing idled petroleum refinery into a crude oil transportation terminal in Yorktown, Va. Impacts to low-vlaue wetlands are expected and will be off-set by the purchase of wetland credits from a mitigation bank. Public comment period ends Dec. 18, 2012.

  • NAO-2012-0669

    Expiration date: 11/26/2012

    The City of Chesapeake, Va. proposes to construct approximately 2,900 feet of new roadway west of existing Woodlake Drive to form a 1.4 mile connection between Greenbrier Parkway and Battlefield Boulevard. Permanent wetland impact projected.