NAO-2014-0044 Camp Pendleton Danger Zone

Published Feb. 29, 2016

The district engineer has established a new Danger Zone in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to Camp Pendleton, in Virginia Beach, Virginia: 


Commanding Officer, Fort Picket, VA
Attn: MAJ Paul Gravely
Building 472
Fort Picket
Blackstone, Virginia 23824                         

WATERWAY AND LOCATION OF THE RESTRICTED AREA The proposal is located in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 1.5 miles south of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


ACTION: Establishment of a permanent danger zone published at 33 CFR §334.405, “Atlantic Ocean south of entrance to Chesapeake Bay off Camp Pendleton, Virginia; firing range.”  

This regulation, promulgated by the Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District regulates certain activities from being conducted within the danger zone at certain times. 

AUTHORITY: Pursuant to 40 Statute 266 (33 U.S.C. § 1), 40 Statute 892 (33 U.S.C. § 3) and 33 CFR §334, The District Engineer has authorized the establishment of a permanent danger zone in waters of the United States adjacent to Camp Pendleton, within the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach, Virginia as follows: 

THE REGULATION: §334.105 Atlantic Ocean south of entrance to Chesapeake Bay off Camp Pendleton, Virginia; firing range

(a) The danger zone.  The danger zone encompasses all navigable waters of the United States as defined at 33 CFR part 329, within the area bounded by a line connecting the following coordinates:  Commencing from the shoreline at latitude 36°49'00" N., longitude 75°58'04" W; thence to latitude 36°49'19" N., longitude 75°57'41" W;  thence to latitude 36°49'21" N., longitude 75°57'32" W;  thence to latitude 36°49'13" N., longitude 75°56'44" W;  thence to latitude 36°49'22" N., longitude 75°55'48" W;  thence to latitude 36°49'12" N., longitude 75°55'46" W;  thence to latitude 36°49'02" N., longitude 75°55'45" W;  thence to latitude 36°48'52" N., longitude 75°55'45" W;  thence to latitude 36°48'54" N., longitude 75°56'42" W;  thence to latitude 36°48'41" N., longitude 75°57'28" W;  thence to latitude 36°48'41" N., longitude 75°57'37" W;  thence to latitude 36°48'57" N., longitude 75°58'04" W. The datum for these coordinates is WGS84.

(b) The regulations. 

 (1) Persons and vessels shall proceed through the area with caution and shall remain therein no longer than necessary for purpose of transit.  

(2) When firing is in progress during daylight hours, red flags will be displayed at conspicuous locations on the beach.  No firing will be done during the hours of darkness or low visibility.

(3) Firing on the ranges shall be suspended as long as any persons or vessels are within the danger zone. 

 (4) Lookout posts shall be manned by the activity or agency operating the firing range State Military Reservation, Camp Pendleton.

(5)  There shall be no firing on the range during periods of low visibility which would prevent the recognition of a vessel (to a distance of 7,500 yards) which is properly displaying navigation lights, or which would preclude a vessel from observing the red range flags or lights.

(c) Enforcement.  The regulations in this section shall be enforced by the Adjutant General of Virginia, and such agencies as he or she may designate.

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 30, 2016

DURATION: This order shall remain in effect until changes or formal regulations are developed.

CONTACT INFORMATION: For the latest information regarding the restricted area modification contact Nicole Woodard, Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch at (757-201-7122 or check the website at  For permission to enter the area or for information regarding technical issues associated with the restricted area contact The Executive Officer, Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, 160 Main Street, Yorktown, Virginia 23691.



William T. Walker
Chief, Regulatory Branch