Published Sept. 27, 2019
Expiration date: 9/26/2024

Norfolk District announces issuance of the following regional permit in support of the administration's initiative to streamline the approval and construction of infrastructure projects in Virginia.

Regional Permit 11 authorizes certain Virginia Department of Transportation roadway and railway projects involving work, structures and filling (both temporary and permanent) in waters of the United States within Virginia's geographical limits under the regulatory jurisdiction of Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. VDOT is the only entity that may qualify for authorization under RP-11. The regional permit's purpose is to authorize projects that qualify for the conditions and thresholds of a nationwide permit (NWP) but require a preconstruction notification in accordance with NWP General Condition 18 (c). This is because any federal listed endangered or threatened species or designated critical habitat might be affected or is in the activity's vicinity. Activities that qualify for this regional permit must abide by all terms and conditions of the applicable NWP, as well as RP-11.

Col. Patrick V. Kinsman, Norfolk District commander, signed the regional permit and supporting decision document authorizing use for five years until its expiration Sept. 26, 2024. This new regional permit can be found on the district's website at www.nao.usace.army.mil/Missions/Regulatory/RBregional/.

If you have questions about this notice, contact Kimberly Prisco-Baggett at kimberly.a.baggett@usace.army.mil or 757-201-7873.