Archive: 2019
  • NAO-2006-7853, 16-V0777

    Expiration date: 8/8/2019

    6801 Woolridge Road-Moseley LP is proposing to continue construction of a mixed-use residential development totaling approximately 600 acres and known as Magnolia Green Phase III, located south of Duval Road, north of Route 360, west of Otterdale Road, in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Proposed permanent impacts are 0.06 acre of forested wetlands and 1,877 linear feet of stream channel.

  • NAO-2019-00356/19-V0267

    Expiration date: 8/9/2019

    The applicant proposes to dredge 760 cubic yards of material to a depth of -3.5 MLLW from a 10-foot to 15-foot wide by 300-foot long access channel for navigation starting at 707 Greensboro Avenue in Virginia Beach, VA. The dredge cut and the 2x buffer would impact 0.08 acres of non-vegetated wetlands and 0.09 acres of subaqueous bottom.

  • NAO-2019-00050

    Expiration date: 8/7/2019

    The City of Suffolk, VA, proposes to construct a new roadway segment and other improvements to several intersections along Nansemond Parkway in proximity to Nansemond River High School to enhance safety, improve traffic operations with added capacity, and provide a more robust roadway network to meet existing and future traffic demands. The project would result in 3.15 acres of permanent impacts to non-tidal wetlands associated with Cross Swamp and Star Creek.

  • NAO-2016-00681

    Expiration date: 7/28/2019

    The applicant proposes to discharge fill material in 5.63 acres of palustrine forested wetlands and 760 linear feet of stream for the purpose of constructing a multiuse development that includes retail and multifamily units, associated roads, parking lots, utilities, stormwater-management facilities and certain amenities.

  • NAO-2018-00161

    Expiration date: 7/19/2019

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Margaret Dickinson propose to impact 515 linear feet of unnamed tributaries to the Smith River and 0.76 acres of adjacent wetlands for the purpose of constructing a 2.8 acres private recreational pond. The project area is located on a 101-acre property along Lone Ivy Road (SR 613) in Patrick County, Virginia. The applicant proposes to make payment to an approved mitigation bank as compensation for the impacts to waters of U.S. The Public Notice Comment Period ends July 19, 2019.