Tag: wetlands
  • NAO-2013-1975

    Expiration date: 5/2/2014

    Coman Construction Inc. proposes to permanently impact 0.64 acres of Palustrine forested wetlands, permanently impact 60 square feet of jurisdiction ditch and temporarily impact 0.056 acres of Palustrine forested wetlands for a road widening project of the east and westbound lanes of Interstate 64, at the state route 288 interchange, in Goochland County, Va. Comment period ends May 2, 2014.

  • 2008-01002; 14-V0412

    Expiration date: 5/17/2014

    Kings Dominion has submitted an application to expand the existing campground. The project includes the construction of 48 cabins and access roads and parking. The proposed project will impact 0.24 acre of forested wetlands. To mitigate for the proposed wetland impacts, the applicant proposes to purchase 0.48 wetland credits from an approved wetland mitigation bank. Previous authorized impacts associated with the construction of Paramount King’s Dominion are 5.6 acres of wetlands and 621 linear feet of stream channel.

  • NAO-14-0283

    Expiration date: 4/2/2014

    Chesapeake Landing Home Owners Association proposes to construct a 130-foot-long breakwater, to construct a 230-foot-breakwater with an attached 75-foot-long sill connecting to an existing rip rap revetment, and to place approximately 3,333 cubic yards of beach nourishment landward of the proposed breakwaters which will include the installation of sand fencing and the planting of sand dune grasses. Public comment period ends April 2, 2014.

  • NAO-06-5451

    Expiration date: 2/10/2014

    The Economic Development Authority of the City of Hampton proposes to modify the existing permit to develop property within the established Langley Research and Development Park. The project, as authorized, will result in permanent impacts to 2.89 acres of jurisdictional, nontidal wetlands and waters. The public comment period ends Feb. 10, 2014.

  • NAO-2012-771

    Expiration date: 2/12/2014

    The bank sponsor proposes to establish, design, construct, and operate a compensatory stream and wetland mitigation bank to be known as Potato Run Mitigation Bank The purpose of the mitigation bank is to provide off-site compensatory mitigation for projects that result in unavoidable impacts to wetlands and other Waters of the United States in the Rapidan Drainage basin. The goal of the bank is to provide mitigation credits for unavoidable impacts to Waters within the authorized service area.