Tag: regulatory
  • NAO-2006-5947

    Expiration date: 6/7/2013

    The north berth at Pier IX of the Kinder Morgan facility needs to be deepened to -52 feet MLLW in order to accommodate the larger PANAMAX vessels. Dredging is required to achieve the proposed depth of -52 feet MLLW. Public comment period ends June 7.

  • Wetland Hydrology Determinations for the 2013 Monitoring Season

    On March 13, 2013, Regulatory released a public notice regarding preceding precipitation conditions for shallow groundwater well monitoring associated with wetland determinations. Based on analysis of several rainfall recording stations and reference groundwater monitoring wells within the Hampton Roads region, the Norfolk District has determined that antecedent precipitation conditions for shallow groundwater well monitoring associated with wetland determinations has been within or above normal ranges.

  • Pn 2012-2032

    Expiration date: 1/17/2013

    The bank sponsor proposes to establish a compensatory mitigation banking agreement to provide mitigation for impacts to streams in the specified service area within Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William, Fairfax, and Stafford Counties.
  • NAO-2003-01474

    Expiration date: 1/14/2013

    The District Engineer has received a mitigation site addendum to establish stream credits on the Bender Farm (Potomac River Umbrella Mitigation Bank) compensatory mitigation site for Federal and State permits.

  • NAO-2005-00254, 12-V1595

    Expiration date: 11/30/2012

    Capital One Services, LLC proposes to discharge fill material in forested wetlands to construct an approximately 150,000 square feet one-story building to be used for data center expansion, customer service center, and/or administrative office in Chesterfield County, Va. The project also includes the construction of approximately 900 parking spaces. Public comment period ends Nov. 30, 2012.