Archive: 2015
  • NAO 2015-02114 Wetland Compensatory Mitigation Expansion

    Expiration date: 1/15/2016

    The Nature Conservancy is proposing to expand a wetland compensatory mitigation located within a 61 acre property located at 370 Keno Road, Fancy Gap, Carroll County, Virginia.

  • NAO-2015-1064

    Expiration date: 1/18/2016

    The applicant proposes to construct a 23 lot single family home subdivision, roads and remove the existing pond located in the north west corner of the intersection of Kain Road and North Gayton Road, Henrico County, Virginia.

  • NAO-2008-03470 Route 460

    Expiration date: 1/5/2016

    The applicant proposes to construct improvements along the U.S. Route 460 Corridor. From approximately one mile west of Zuni to two miles west of Windsor (approximately 4 miles), the applicant proposes to reconstruct and upgrade existing Route 460 to a four-lane divided highway. From two miles west of Windsor to the Route 460/Route 58 interchange in Suffolk (approx 12 miles), the applicant proposes to construct a new four-lane divided highway that would run north around Windsor, then cross existing Route 460 east of Windsor and run south of the existing Route 460 to Route 58. The applicant proposes to permanently impact 35.77 acres of non-tidal wetlands, 7,663 linear feet of stream and 9,339 lf of jurisdictional ditches. To compensate for unavoidable impacts, the applicant proposes a combination of mitigation bank credits, restoration of wetlands, and preservation of wetlands to expand existing conservation areas.

  • NAO-2014-1569 Edwards Ferry Retail

    Expiration date: 12/5/2015

    Lidl US LLC proposes to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Norfolk District and Virginia Department of Historic Resources under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The Edwards Ferry Retail project, a proposed grocery store and associated infrastructure, is located within the boundary of the Balls Bluff Battlefield Historic District in Leesburg, Virginia. Balls Bluff Battlefield Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Public comment period ends Dec. 4, 2015.

  • NAO-2009-2238 Rt. 58 Suffolk

    Expiration date: 12/21/2015

    The applicant proposes to widen the existing four-lane facility with a depressed median to a six-lane urban facility with a raised 28-foot wide median, with a five-foot wide concrete sidewalk on the south side of the road and a 10-foot wide multi-use path on the north side of the road in Suffolk, Virginia.