Tag: dredging
  • NAO-2010-0404

    Expiration date: 10/9/2018

    Virginia Port Authority, has requested to widen the southern access channel further than what was previously authorized to allow enough room for the turning of Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCV) outside of the federal channel, maintaining navigation in the proximity of Norfolk International Terminals.

  • NAO-2005-04051

    Expiration date: 8/9/2018

    The City of Hampton proposes to replace an existing vinyl sheet pile jetty with a stone jetty, and to expand an existing stone jetty at the Salt Ponds Inlet in Hampton, VA. In addition, the City of Hampton proposes to maintenance dredge and expand the existing Salt Ponds Inlet navigation channel between the newly improved jetty structures.

  • NAO-2017-01821

    Expiration date: 7/12/2018

    The applicant proposes to maintenance dredge the Back River Navigation Channel in Hampton, Virginia. The project involves maintenance dredging approximately 2,346,240 square feet of subaqueous bottom to a maximum depth of – 15 feet mean low water, including overdredge. Each maintenance dredging event will mechanically dredge approximately 205,000 cubic yards of material. The dredge material will be transported via bottom dump scow to be disposed of in the Norfolk Ocean Disposal site.


    Expiration date: 3/28/2018

    The Norfolk District Regulatory Branch is soliciting comments on the proposed re-issuance of the following Regional General Permits (RP): RP-02, RP-15, RP-17, RP-18, RP-19, and RP-22. The Norfolk District issues Regional Permits for a category of activities in Virginia that would result in minimal environmental impacts and are not contrary to the public interest. The purpose of Regional Permits is to improve regulatory consistency, enhance program efficiency, avoid duplication with other agencies, and simplify the permitting process for the regulated public.

  • NAO-2010-0404/ VMRC#17-V1047

    Expiration date: 8/11/2017

    This request from Virginia Port Authority is for both new and maintenance dredging at Norfolk International Terminals in Norfolk, VA. The purpose is to maintain safe navigation of vessels calling at NIT as well as meeting the requirements of larger shipping vessels.