Tag: Chesterfield County
  • NAO-2007-02441

    Expiration date: 12/13/2015

    The applicant proposes to construct an Integrated Ash Project, which includes construction of a Low Volume Wastewater Treatment Facility, closure of the Upper and Lower Ash Ponds, and conversion of the existing wet ash handling system to a dry system. Comment period ends Dec. 13, 2015.

  • NAO-2007-02569

    Expiration date: 10/9/2015

    The applicants propose to modify an existing permit to discharge fill material in 5.91 acres of palustrine forested wetlands and 802 linear feet of ditch (0.07 acre) for the purpose of constructing commercial facilities in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Comment period ends Oct. 9, 2015.

  • NAO-2008-00254

    Expiration date: 4/26/2015

    The applicant proposes to continue construction of the Meadowville Technology Park. This phase of the project, known as Logistic Zones, consists of the construction of building pads, buildings, parking, roads, utility lines and stormwater management facilities. Comment period ends on April 26, 2015.

  • NAO-2013-02125

    Expiration date: 12/26/2014

    The Chesterfield County Department of Transportation proposes to improve approximately 3,500 linear feet of Newby’s Bridge Road between Hagood Lane and Belmont Road in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Public comment period ends Dec. 26, 2014.

  • NAO-2005-4124

    Expiration date: 10/24/2014

    The applicant proposes to extend Woolridge Road to Old Hundred Road and construct stormwater detention basins as a phase of Rountry Subdivision. The purpose of the project is to finish the construction of Woolridge Road as required by Chesterfield County proffer.