Tag: Elizabeth River
  • NAO-2005-03248

    Expiration date: 4/18/2016

    The applicant proposes to hydraulically dredge a 1,048 foot long by 168 foot wide mooring basin with a 450 foot long flared ingress/egress channel to a maximum depth of -45 feet MLW adjacent to Pier P at Lambert's Point Docks in Norfolk. The project is a combination of maintenance and new dredging with direct disposal of the material to CIDMMA (Craney Island).

  • NAO-2002-3818 (16-V0247)

    Expiration date: 4/13/2016

    The applicant proposes to expand the existing commercial container facility, adjacent berthing facilities, and road and rail infrastructure to access the terminal. These expanded facilities propose to fill 2.43 acres of sub-aqueous bottom, 2.15 acres of non-tidal wetlands.

  • NAO-2015-1371 Colonna's Shipyard

    Expiration date: 10/26/2015

    Colonna’s Shipyard is proposing to construct a drydock and supporting structures at their property along Spotico Creek, a tributary to the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • NAO-2007-2718 Dredging of Pescara Creek

    Expiration date: 7/1/2015

    Colonna's Shipyard is proposing to mechanically dredge approximately 125,300 cubic yards of material from a 10.27 acre area in Pescara Creek, a tributary to the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Virginia. This is a combination of new and maintenance dredging.

  • NAO-2008-1760/ 14-V1164

    Expiration date: 10/26/2014

    The City of Chesapeake is proposing improvements to 1.9 miles of Route 337 (Portsmouth Boulevard in Chesapeake and Nansemond Boulevard in Suffolk) between I-664 interchange in Chesapeake and Helen St. in Suffolk, Virginia. The improvements include widening the road from two lanes to four lanes, adding sidewalks, constructing a multi-use path, etc. Construction of the improvements will result in the permanent impact 1.07 acres of nontidal wetland and open water ditch, and 481 linear feet of stream. The public comment period ends on October 26, 2014.