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NAO-2012-00080 / 13-V0408 Skiffes Creek Section 106 NHPA Effects - 5/21/2015: The Corps of Engineers is soliciting comments from the public; federal, state, and local agencies and officials; Native American Tribes; and other interested parties including Consulting Parties, in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). With this public notice we are requesting comments to assist in evaluation of the effects of the undertaking on historic properties and evaluation of alternatives or modifications which could avoid, minimize or mitigate adverse effects of the undertaking.
Expiration date: 6/20/2015

NAO-2014-0456 Ladysmith Road Commercial Retail Center - 5/13/2015: Blackwood Capital, LLC proposes to construct a 42.50-acre commercial retail center to include the realignment of Green Road within a desired corridor for Caroline County, VA. The proposed impacts area associated with fill for a storm water outfall, the construction of retail center building, parking, infrastructure and the realignment of Green Road. Public comment period ends June 11, 2015.
Expiration date: 6/11/2015

NAO-2012-01497 - 5/11/2015: The applicant is proposing to permanently impact 0.038 acre of palustrine forested wetland, 0.051 acre of palustrine scrub-shrub wetland, 0.215 acre of palustrine emergent wetland, 2.83 acres of palustrine open water, and 665 linear feet of intermittent stream channel to construct a single-family residential community. This public notice expires June 11, 2015.
Expiration date: 6/11/2015

Lake Drummond Reservation Temporary Restriction, Dismal Swamp Canal, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway - 5/6/2015: Effective May 11, 2015, the Lake Drummond Reservation on the Dismal Swamp Canal, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake, Virginia, will have limited public visitation due to construction activities. The reservation will reopen to full capacity later this fall.
Expiration date:

NAO-2013-1998 - 4/30/2015: The city of Virginia Beach proposes to hydraulically dredge approximately 10,017 cubic yards at varying depths not to exceed -5.5 feet below mean low water in order to enhance navigation and remove siltation from the existing channel adjacent to the Shadowlawn neighborhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Comment period expires June 1, 2015.
Expiration date: 6/1/2015

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