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NAO-2016-00744 - 5/2/2016: The applicant proposes to extend the I95 Express Lanes beyond the current southern terminus of those lanes in Stafford County.
Expiration date: 6/2/2016


NAO-2006-5989 - 4/22/2016: The applicant’s stated proposes to develop 41 acres west of the Edgewood Estates residential development north of Carrollton Boulevard, south of Whippingham Parkway, in Carrollton, Virginia. The site drains into Ragged Island Creek, which drains into the James River, a navigable water of the U.S.
Expiration date: 5/23/2016

CENAO-WRR-W_20Apr2016 - 4/20/2016: Effective immediately, the Blue Ridge Field Office is officially closed.
Expiration date:

NAO-2014-00629/16-V0301 - 4/15/2016: City of Virginia Beach proposes to replace the existing Sandbridge Road bridge over Hell Point Creek, by constructing a temporary road and bridge, dismantling the old bridge, and then constructing a new bridge at elevation 5.5 feet in the same location as the existing bridge.
Expiration date: 5/16/2016

NAO-2016-0623/VMRC #16-V0516 - 4/12/2016: The City of Virginia Beach proposes to mechanically dredge approximately 54,906 cubic yards (561,164 square feet) at varying depths not to exceed -4.5 feet below mean low water (MLW) in order to allow residents to restore safe access to navigable channels in the Lynnhaven River and remove accumulated sediment in the channels and in the access basins around private owner’s docks, piers, and similar facilities. The project is located adjacent to the Chesopeian Colony subdivision within and between Pinetree Branch (to the west) and London Bridge Creek (to the east), which are tributaries of the Eastern Branch of the Lynnhaven River in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Expiration date: 5/13/2016

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