Tag: regional permit
  • 17-RP-20

    Expiration date: 12/9/2016

    The Norfolk District proposes the reissuance with minor revisions to better describe authorized activities of Regional Permit 20 (RP-20), scheduled to expire on May 24, 2017. RP-20 authorizes the creation of artificial reefs (oyster and fish haven) and dredging of old shellfish reefs, when the material, dredge shell or structural, will be used to create new or enhance existing natural or artificial reefs owned, operated or managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

  • Reissuance of Norfolk District Regional Permits

    The Norfolk District announces the reissuance of seven (7) Regional Permits. Effective August 14, 2013, these permits supersede and replace all previous versions.