Tag: Stafford County
  • NAO-2022-01808 (NP Austin Ridge, LLC, Stafford, Virginia)

    Expiration date: 7/6/2023

    NP Austin Ridge, LLC has proposed to construct four warehouse and associated parking, utilities, internal roads, and stormwater management ponds to serve the Washington DC metropolitan area. Public comments should be received by the close of business on July 6, 2023

  • NAO-2013-01663 (Potomac Creek, Stafford County)

    Expiration date: 5/27/2022

    The applicant is requesting an Individual Permit from the Norfolk District under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act for the discharge of fill into approximately 0.75 acre of palustrine forested wetlands (PFO), 0.55 acre of palustrine emergent wetlands (PEM), 0.50 acre of palustrine open water (POW), and 1,122 linear feet (0.12 acre) of stream channel. The proposed project is a large-scale distribution facility that will provide warehouse space in close proximity to major transportation routes (Interstate 95 and Route 1). Public comments should be received by the close of business on May 27, 2022. 

  • NAO-2021-02947, VMRC# 22-V0149 (Centreport Parkway)

    Expiration date: 3/6/2022

    Chesterfield Retail, LC has proposed to construct a large-scale distribution facility with associated parking, internal access roads, and stormwater structures. The project would impact 0.71 acre of forested wetlands, 247 square feet of emergent wetlands, and 2,693 linear feet of steam channel. The project is located west of Centreport Parkway and north of Mountain Valley Road, Stafford County, Virginia

  • NAO-2013-01663

    Expiration date: 11/12/2021

    Capital 95 Logistics, LLC proposes constructing a distribution logistics center with associated infrastructure, and improve existing roadways for emergency vehicle accessn Stafford County, Virginia.

  • NAO-2020-01667

    Expiration date: 4/1/2021

    The proposed project is located west of Interstate 95 (I-95), north of Centreport Parkway and south of Stafford Regional Airport in Stafford County, Virginia. The proposed project is located in waters associated with unnamed tributaries to Potomac Creek, which flows to the Potomac River. The applicant proposes to construct two 630,000 square foot buildings with approximately 1,100 tractor trailer parking spaces, 350 trailer loading spaces, approximately 1,800 employee parking spaces, and associated stormwater management and utilities. The proposed project will result in permanent impacts to 0.79 acre of wetlands and 1,506 linear feet (0.23-acre) of stream channel. The purpose of the proposed work is to provide large-scale distribution facility in proximity of I-95 in Stafford County between Richmond and Northern Virginia to remain market competitive.