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Regulatory Branch
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Submitting a Joint Permit Application?
Email your JPA directly to VMRC by
clicking here.
JPA instructions and documents are here

All other requests  
Email Regulator of the Day at

To facilitate assignment of your project, all emails should include the county or independent city in the subject line, Also, if it's a federally funded transportation or trail project, please note that in your email. 

Your assigned project manager should contact you within two weeks of your request submittal to the Regulator of the Day email.

Need assistance? 
* Call the Regulator of the Day

* Due to COVID-19 contingency activities, the Regulator of the Day phone line is not being staffed. Emails sent to may experience a delayed response as well.

* The Regulatory Branch's fax machine is also currently down. Applications sent via fax cannot be accepted at this time.