Civil Works Review Plans

A review plan is essential to project safety and product quality in the work the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provides to the American people.

Review plans identify the types of actions that are required during the planning of a project. These review actions may address quality, engineering methods, economic models and several other considerations. These plans provide the chief of engineers with an independent assessment of the project or work product. In developing review plans, USACE is responsible for providing an opportunity for public comment and for considering those comments in deciding the type of review to be carried out.

 The following review plans are relevant to projects and programs within the Norfolk District's area of responsibility.

Chowan Ecosystem Restoration   
Lynnhaven Inlet Jetty Construction  
Lynnhaven River Ecosystem Restoration   
North Atlantic Coast Comprehensive Study - Storm Risk Management  
Chesapeake Bay Native Oyster Recovery Master Plan  
Pretty Lake Watershed Flood Risk Management  
Rappahannock River Basin Restoration and Conservation  
Regional Continuing Authortities Program   
Tangier Island Jetty Construction  
The Hague Watershed Flood Risk Management  
Willoughby Spit Hurricane Protection and Erosion Control