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  • NAO-2005-05012 (Norfolk (NSN) Magnetic Silencing (Degaussing) Range, Virginia)

    Expiration date: 5/3/2023

    U.S. Navy, Norfolk (NSN) Magnetic Silencing (Degaussing) Range-The Navy proposes to remove the existing sensors, abandon cables and ancillary equipment, and reinstall the equipment below the proposed new channel depth of -57 ft mean lower low water (MLLW) at the Magnetic Silencing (Degaussing) Range , located within the Norfolk Harbor Entrance Channel, approximately 0.8 nautical miles southwest of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Public comments should be received by the close of business May 3, 2023.

  • NAO-2019-01614, NSN Deperming Station, Norfolk

    Expiration date: 8/31/2022

    The Corps of Engineers is establishing a restricted area in the waters of the Elizabeth River surrounding the Naval Station Norfolk Lambert’s Point Deperming Station in Norfolk, Virginia, as outlined in the Navigation Regulations, (33 C.F.R. §334.296). The regulation is necessary to better protect underwater equipment, personnel, and vessels utilizing the facility by implementing a waterside security program.  The regulation establishes the restricted area waters surrounding the existing facility immediately adjacent to the channel into Norfolk Harbor. EFFECTIVE DATE: August 31, 2022

  • NAO-2010-02117 / VMRC 22-1295 (U.S. Navy Little Creek, Virginia Beach)

    Expiration date: 7/27/2022

    The U.S. Navy (Navy) plans to perform maintenance dredging of the Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek Channel and CB 125 Wet Slip at JEB Little Creek located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Navy proposes to: 1) maintenance dredge by mechanical means approximately 89,067 cubic yards from Little Creek Channel to a maximum dredging depth of -24 ft MLLW; 2) maintenance dredge by mechanical means approximately 861 cubic yards from the CB-125 Wet Slip to a maximum dredging depth of -12 ft MLLW; and 3) place approximately 14,000 cubic yards of suitable dredged material, capped with 20,000 cubic yards of armor stone within scour holes at Piers 11,12, and 13, covering 3.4 acres of subaqueous bottom. Public comments should be received by the close of business July 27, 2022. 

  • NAO-1999-02470 (Yorktown Naval Weapons Station)

    Expiration date: 6/25/2022

    This public notice is being issued for the planned transport and disposal of dredged material at the NODS that will result from the proposed maintenance dredging of the Pier R3 at U.S. Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, Virginia. Dredged material from the project site that meets Section 103 evaluation criteria is being proposed for placement at the NODS. Public comments should be received by the close of business June 25, 2022. 

  • NAO-2020-01704 / VMRC# 21-0584 (Upper Machodoc Creek)

    Expiration date: 3/21/2022

    The Department of the Navy PWD South Potomac proposes to construct shoreline stabilization at Naval Support Facility Dahlgren near the mouth of the Upper Machodoc Creek and along the Potomac River in King George County, Virginia.