Tag: Eastern Shore
  • NAO-2017-01457

    Expiration date: 10/6/2017

    The applicant, Cape Harbor Holdings LLC, is proposing to construct a new marine terminal and boat yard on a former seafood and grain offloading facility in Cape Charles, Virginia. Project components include several shoreline stabilization structures (revetments, sills, and a sheet pile bulkhead); a loading platform; eight timber dolphins; a 600-ton travel lift; piers and boat slips for staging vessels; and 1.5 acres of mechanical dredging. Approximately 0.86 of non-tidal wetlands and 2000 square feet of tidal wetlands will be impacted by the project. Non-tidal wetland impacts may be compensated for with the purchase of commercial credits if available, or through permittee-responsible mitigation. The tidal impacts will be mitigated through the construction of a living shoreline.

  • NAO-2016-2053

    Expiration date: 2/17/2017

    Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture proposes to discharge fill into 18.5 acres of subaqueous bottom at Thimble Shoal in the Chesapeake Bay to construct a new parallel two-lane tunnel approximately 6,525 feet long for the purpose of expanding roadway capacity on the Lucius Kellam, Jr. Bridge Tunnel. The temporary impact areas total approximately 182 acres. The applicant is not proposing mitigation for the 1.3 acres of permanent subaqueous bottom loss. 408 permission will be required. The Regulatory Branch is evaluating this project pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

  • NAO-2009-00949 Wallops Island Launch July 2014

    Expiration date: 7/17/2014

    The Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has established a temporary danger zone from July 11 to July 17 around the NASA Wallops Flight Center in Accomack, Virginia, for the NASA ORB-2 launch.
  • NAO-2013-02299

    Expiration date: 5/3/2014

    Savage Neck VA, LLC and Kimberly Jarvis have applied to construct five offshore breakwaters, with associated nourishment, in Chesapeake Bay north of Cape Charles in Northampton County, Virginia. Comment period ends May 3, 2014.

  • NAO-2009-02041

    Expiration date: 5/10/2013

    The Norfolk District has received an application proposing to use a modified floating structure for temporary restaurant seating in Chincoteague Va. The structure is approximately 58 feet by 30 feet, will have a 40 seat capacity, and will be moored in an existing private boat slip.