Environmental Assessment: Gathright Dam Low Flow Augmentation Project

Published Dec. 14, 2012
Expiration date: 1/21/2013

This Environmental Assessment was prepared to assess the potential impacts of the Gathright Dam Low Flow Augmentation Project on the Jackson River, Lake Moomaw and surrounding area near Covington, Va.

The goal of this project is to improve aquatic habitat quality in the Jackson River, downstream of the Gathright Dam. The result of this project, when implemented, would be a revision of the Water Control Plan for the Gathright Dam and Lake Moomaw Project.

The proposed project consists of utilizing the existing authorized conservation storage through a balancing of monthly low flow augmentation reductions in order to allow a series of six pulse releases between the months of June and October.

The public comment period ends Jan. 21, 2013. Direct all comments pertaining to this document to GathrightDamProject@usace.army.mil