• May

    325 participate in 9th annual Paddle for the Border

    The 9th annual Paddle for the Border kicked off May 5, 2012.
  • April

    Corps oversees construction of new battle lab

    Construction is underway to expand the capabilities of a laboratory tasked by the Army to train Soldiers in an ever -changing wartime environment. The Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group battle laboratory celebrated its construction start in a ground-breaking ceremony yesterday on post.
  • ODU's 'smooth sailing' aids in restoring health of Elizabeth River

    Perfect sailing weather awaited the Old Dominion University sailing team, but they chose instead to remain ashore on the banks of the Elizabeth River -- just long enough to celebrate the grand opening of their new sailing pier. Flanked by friends and guests, ODU officials and its project partners, Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the city of Norfolk, cut the ribbon on the new sailing pier water access project and companion Elizabeth River Wetlands Restoration project.
  • Environment Virginia Symposium promotes collaboration, innovation and results

    The 23rd edition of Virginia's premier environmental summit, held April 10-12 on the historic campus of Virginia Military Institute, attracted more than 700 environmental stewards from throughout Virginia's public-private sectors as well as non-governmental agencies. Together, they exchanged information, technology and ideas aimed at contributing to a prosperous economic and environmentally sustainable future.
  • 'Paradise Found' turns out to be a nature park in Portsmouth, Va.

    It began with four folks, sitting around a kitchen table, discussing ways to clean-up their beloved river. That was 1993. On March 29, the Elizabeth River Project ā€“ the grassroots non-profit organization that morphed into a multi-million dollar public-private venture ā€“ broke ground on its largest public restoration site: Paradise Creek Nature Park in Portsmouth, Va.
  • March


    The dredging project is located in the York River, at Pier CAD-A at the Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Cheatham Annex in York County, Va.
  • NAO-2008-02410

    This same project was previously Public Noticed on 15 November 2011; however, the wetland impacts were underestimated. The applicant proposes to meet increasing demands on Chesapeake Regional Airport operations for hangar expansion and aircraft operation space by expanding the north terminal area.
  • January

    2008-00429; 11-V1819

    The applicant proposes to permanently impact 1 acre of forested wetlands, to permanently convert 0.20 acre of forested wetlands to emergent wetlands, and to temporarily impact 0.08 acre of forested wetlands to continue construction of a county thoroughfare within the Meadowville Technology Park in Chesterfield County, Va.
  • NAO-2011-1734

    Norfolk Southern Railway Company proposes to construct additional rail capacity at Portlock Rail Yard, an existing railroad yard and transportation facility located in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake, Va.
  • Web-based RIBITS training

    Norfolk District's Regulatory Office will hold two web-based training sessions for the public in the use of the Corps' national web-based mitigation bank and in-lieu fee program tracking system known as RIBITS (Regulatory In-lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System).
  • NAO-2011-00647

    The applicant, Arlington Dominion LLC, is proposing to construct a luxury apartment complex in Chesapeake, Va.
  • NAO-2009-00523

    This is an amended public notice to reflect receipt of the final prospectus for public comment and review: The bank sponsor proposes to establish, design, construct, and operate a compensatory stream mitigation bank. It will consist of perennial streams, ephemeral streams, wetlands, and preservation and enhancement of proposed uplands buffers and watershed buffers.
  • NAO-2011-02495

    Steven Ash and Frederic McGhee propose to mechanically dredge sandy material from an existing channel in Lancaster County, Va. to restore depths.
  • March

    Vietnam soldier paves way for vets in business

    Jack Beecher is the magic man of small business as he connects Corps opportunities, mostly contracting, with small businesses.