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Tangier Island Jetty Project


To help protect the harbor and west channel from wave action and, during the winter, from sheets of ice that pile up and damage the islander’s work boats, docks, and crab houses.  With a majority of the island’s revenue coming from watermen and tourism, the need for an open and clear channel free from damaging waves and ice is a necessity for the local economy. 


  • Feasibility Phase:
    ·$688,000 total
    · First $100,000 is 100% federally funded
    · 50/50 state and federal cost share on $588,000
  • Design and Construction Phase:
    · $2,474,000
    · 20/80 state and federal cost share $495,000/$1,979,000

Expected Time Frame:

Feasibility Phase:                                  2012 – 2017
Design and Implementation Phase:      2017 – 2019


Water Resources Development Act of 1996


Public Review and Comment Period for Draft EA and Associated Documents

Comments on the documents provided below can be submitted via email to david.m.schulte@usace.army.mil.

To be considered, all comments must be received by Friday, December 2, 2016.