Rudee Inlet Dredging


Dredge channel shoaling in areas to a depth of 12’, not to exceed the permitted depth of 14’ within the entrance channel.  The Maintained Depth of the Channel is -10’.  Requested dredging depth of 12’ includes two (2) feet of advance maintenance.


- The MERRITT shall be responsible for coordinating with the U.s. Coast Guard to issue a Notice to Mariners, or NTM, prior to dredging.  Confirmation of the NTM shall be provided to the project manager at the Norfolk District

- The shoal areas including the contour or shallower as shown on provided survey; following order of work and general information is provided for dredging.

Priority 1.  In the entrance Channel: Dredge the entire channel to -12’ MLLW, (not to exceed -14’ MLLW) from STA 36+00 to STA 39+00.

Priority 2.  In the Entrance Channel:  Dredge the entire channel to -12’ MLLW, (not to exceed -14’ MLLW) from STA 36+00 to STA 28+50


1. Placement Location.  Material will be side casted north of channel.
2. Record and provide coordinates, date, and time for each daily event to the project manager within 1 week of completing dredging operations.


Rudee Inlet federal
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