Letters of Permission, Regional and State General Permit Program

Some of these permits are in Adobe Acrobat PDF files, from 19K to 45K in size.
The free Acrobat Reader can be found here

  • Regional Permit 01 (19-RP-01)
    • Authorizes certain Virginia Department of Transportation roadway and railway projects involving work, structures and filing (permanent and temporary) in waters of the U.S., within the geographical limits of the Commonwealth of Virginia under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.​
  • Regional Permit 11 (19-RP-11)
    • For use by the Virginia Department of Transportation to expedite projects that would qualify for a nonreporting nationwide permit but for the Endangered Species Act general condition. 
  • Regional Permit 15 (18-RP-15)
    • Used to authorize certain activities associated with the maintenance of existing drainage ditches