Regulatory Branch - Flooding Information

Emergency Flooding Procedures - November 2009

As flooding problems have become more frequent, this page provides quick facts about stream and creekbed "cleanouts" and stabilization. Some work that you propose to undertake in waterways will require a permit, some work will require pre-construction notification (PCN), and some work may not require a Corps permit.

The following information can help you determine whether or not a Department of the Army permit is required to clear debris from non-navigable waterways (streams and small creeks) after discreet storm events. There are also permit conditions that must be met to help minimize damage to stream systems.

* This graphic flyer helps to show whether or not a permit will be required to remove material from streambeds/ creekbeds.

* Summary of several Nationwide Permits that allow for some work in creeks and streams when a Corps permit is required.

Please read all of the information above carefully to ensure that (a) your proposed work does not require a permit, or (b) you have complied with all the conditions of a non-reporting Nationwide permit, or (c) you have sent in an application or PCN to your appropriate regional Corps office to obtain authorization for your proposed work.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Corps office.