Columbarium Court #9 Project

Published Feb. 14, 2018

ARLINGTON, Va.  – Construction is nearing completion on the 62,820-square-foot Columbarium Court 9 here. The new $12.9-million-dollar facility will add 20,292 niche spaces and extend the availability of first inurnment to 2024.
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Project Scope:

The new 62,640 square-foot facility completed 3 May 2013, provides 20,296 niche spaces to inurn military, former military personnel and other individuals who qualify for burial at the cemetery. A full list of requirements for eligibility is available at the Arlington National Cemetery website.

The interior consists of 797 precast niche modules ranging in size from 1 foot by 2 feet to 6 feet by 6 feet. The heaviest module weighs 7,000 lbs. Together the modules contain 20,296 precast niches with marble covers capable of holding three to four urns each.

  • 6,700 cubic yards of poured-in-place concrete
  • 7,226 pieces of Indiana limestone used on all walls
  • 2,235 pieces of granite used for columbarium's base
  • 37,800 square feet of Pennsylvania bluestone paving for walking surfaces

The columbarium includes a fountain, multiple seating areas and landscaping similar to the existing columbariums at the cemetery.

Project Cost:

  • $12.9 million

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