Wetlands Restoration


Project Manager

Heather Lockwood
Project Manager | Biologist 
Programs & Civil Works Branch
Norfolk District, USACE
803 Front Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Wetlands Restoration Videos

Phase I


The first phase will restore wetland and riparian buffer habitat at Princess Anne High School adjacent to Thalia Creek, a tributary of the Lynnhaven River.  This project is a unique partnership with Virginia Beach Public Schools to create an “Outdoor Living Resources Laboratory.”  Additional benefits will include:

  • Reduction of the invasive plant species, Phragmites australis competing with native vegetation
  • Restoration of the historic, native salt marsh community
  • Restoration of historic channels/hydrology
  • Increased plant species diversity
  • Improved fish and wildlife habitat
  • Improved water quality
  • Improved resiliency in the watershed

Students will participate in biannual monitoring using a transect/quadrant method for the following metrics on restored wetland habitat:

  • Species diversity
  • Species density
  • Percent cover

Size: 5.46 acres

Status: Adaptive management and monitoring


Phase II

Background: The design of this phase of the wetland restoration project is still currently underway. More information coming SOON!

Size: 12 acres

Status: Design

Phase III

Size: TBD

Status: Scoping/planning

Content: None at this time

Photo Gallery

Courtesy photos:

Aerial photos of wetlands  -  provided by The City of Virginia Beach



Corps Camera

Due to some predation on the site, in partnership with USACE Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) the team installed two trail cameras to assist in identifying which creature(s) are eating the wetland plants. We also hope to capture seasonal changes to the site over the course of the next year.