Author: Mark Haviland
  • April

    USACE awards $59.5 million contract to construct new Deep Creek Bridge in Chesapeake

    NORFOLK -- The Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, awarded a $59.5 million contract today to Archer Western LLC of Norfolk, Virginia, to replace the Deep Creek Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • September

    District employees ready for Florence

    Employees at the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, joined millions along the East Coast this week as they prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Florence.
  • Hurricane Florence: District Status & Evacuations

    District issues guidance for Zone A employee evacuations and reporting instructions for Tuesday, Sept. 11.
  • January

    District open for normal operations

    The District's Waterfield Building is open for normal operations today. Employees at area military
  • October

    Regulators focused on mission as Clean Water Act turns 40

    The Clean Water Act turns 40 today and, though opponents and supporters still debate the scope and effectiveness of the landmark legislation, employees of the regulatory branch here have a clear understanding of their mission. “It’s about being consistent and operating within the scope of our authorities,” said Col. Paul Olsen, Norfolk District commander. “It’s about balancing the nation’s passion to build with the needs of the environment.”
  • District leaders ‘stand down’ for suicide prevention training

    Employees wrapped up their suicide prevention stand-down activities here Oct. 15. The effort, which included manager-led training sessions and small group discussions for each employee was part of the Army-wide suicide prevention stand-down conducted Sept. 27. Training and discussions for supervisors and employees focused on the Army’s award-winning ACE or “Ask, Care and Escort,” which encourages Soldiers and employees at all levels to be alert to suicide warning signs, ask directly if a person is thinking about suicide, care for the person and escort to the person to professional help.