Hurricane Florence: District Status & Evacuations

Norfolk District
Published Sept. 10, 2018

Employees living in Zone A are under state-issued mandatory evacuation orders -- administrative leave is authorized as you travel inland to a safe harbor for you & your family.  If there are additional mandatory evacuations, employees will be authorized administrative leave for the time of travel. 

For those not in Zone A, we are currently unsure if additional evacuations will be mandatory - but be ready. 

Employees in the Hampton Roads area not evacuating should report during normal hours and check in with your supervisor; conduct water proofing of any items to be left in the work area; and gather personal/electronic items to enable your telework prior to your departure. 

Employees who work at area military installations should follow the reporting instructions of the installation's commander or utilize Liberal Leave/Telework as noted.   Whether you are evacuating or staying in place, please get connected via telework and/or phone prior to the storm and communicate your status with your supervisor.

Safety is the FIRST priority, but it is important that we maintain continuity of operations -- telework is expected when possible. 

Please stay alert to changing conditions in your area and follow the instructions of local, regional and state authorities concerning safety, travel and evacuations.