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Stay Indoors and Away from Windows and Glass Doors
Stay indoors within an inner room on the lowest level away from doors and windows. Do not go out in the brief calm during passage of the hurricane's eye. The lull sometimes ends suddenly and winds return from the opposite direction. Winds can increase in seconds to 75 mph or more.

Remain Calm
Your ability to cope with emergencies will help other members of your family. Stay calm, reassuring and use common sense. Use the telephone or cellular phones only in the event of an emergency or life-threatening situation.

Protect Property
Without taking any unnecessary risks, protect your property from damage. Temporary repairs may reduce further losses from wind and water. Move furniture away from exposed doors and windows.

Keep a Continuous Communications Watch
Keep radio or television tuned to receive information from official sources. Unexpected changes can sometimes call for last minute relocations.

Source: Hampton Roads Emergency Management Committee

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