Starlings Creek Dredging

Project Scope
The project consists of removing critical shoals from the channel to provide safe navigation for shallow draft vessels that are transiting along the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay into a harbor of refuge at Saxis, Va.  

The project will dredge the entrance channel 7 feet deep, 60 feet wide in the Pocomoke Sound to the mouth of Starlings Creek; a turning basin 7 feet deep, 100 feet wide and approximately 1,100 feet long inside the entrance; and a channel 7 feet deep, 60 feet wide connecting the turning basin to the harbor of refuge 7 feet deep, 200 feet wide and 500 feet long.

Initial project efforts will include hydrographic surveys to examine the channel's condition and subsequent analysis to analyze and design potential placement locations. The Norfolk District performed planning, design and data collection and secured environmental permits from state agencies to complete the dredging.

Rivers and Harbor Act of 1935 
Harbor of Refuge under the authority of Section 107 of the River and Harbor Act of 14 July 1960

The Town of Saxis is seeking a safe unimpeded navigation channel for commercial vessel use and to provide a safe harbor of refuge for vessels transiting the Chesapeake Bay. The last time this project was dredged was in 2001.


Topographic surveys of placement

May 2013

Hydrographic surveys of channel

August 2013

35% Design of placement area

May 2013

Initiate real estate rights acquisition

May 2013

Sediment sampling investigation

May 2013

Prepare joint permit application

May 2013

Prepare Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation

May 2013

Prepare essential fish habitat assessment

June 2013

35% design of maintenance dredging

June 2013

Submit JPA for permit action

July 2013

Placement area internal technical review complete

November 2013

Maintenance dredging internal technical review complete

November 2013

Placement area final plans & specifications

December 2013

Maintenance dredging final plans & specifications

December 2013

Receive draft permits for dredging

December 2013

Receive final permits for dredging

January 2014

Placement area contract package compete

April 2014

Placement area contract award

June 2013

Maintenance dredging contact package complete

July 2014

Maintenance dredging contract award

October 2014

Dredging begins

November 2014

Maintenance dredging construction complete

February 2015


Map of Starlings Creek

Project Contact

Corps of Engineers logoNorfolk District
803 Front Street
Norfolk, Va 23510


Project Partners

Town of Saxis
P.O. Box 156
Saxis, Va. 23427

Project Stakeholders

Town of Saxis
P.O. Box 156
Saxis, Va. 23427


To be awarded