Quantico National Cemetery Programmatic Master Plan and Short-Term Plan

Project Scope

The purpose of the Proposed Actions (also referred to as the Preferred Alternatives) for the PEA is to continue to provide eligible veterans and their families in the Triangle, Virginia area with a national cemetery of sufficient size and capacity to serve the projected needs in this region.

The objective of the Short-Term Plan is to meet burial needs over the next seven to ten years, by constructing approximately 6,500 preplaced crypts and 3,500 in-ground cremains, an ossuary and memorial wall, and all supporting facilities and utilities, roads and storm drainage, site furnishings, and irrigation and landscaping for land development.  The Short-Term Plan encompasses approximately 14.7 acres of land within the existing cemetery, and is the first phase of the Long-Term plan. This phase is currently being designed; construction would begin in 2020.

The objective of the Long-Term Plan is to create a conceptual Long-Term Master Planning tool to plan out the future of the Cemetery to be implemented as approximately 12 to 14 separate phases, for the full build-out potential of the entire 725-acre property.  These phases would be developed every seven to ten years, or as dictated by demand.


Project Stakeholder

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs SealQuantico National Cemetery
18424 Joplin Rd.
Triangle, VA 22172
Phone: (703) 221-2183 

Project Contact

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Norfolk, VA 23510