NASA Wallops Island Shoreline Stabilization Project

Project Overview:

The shoreline stabilization project protects almost $1 billion in federal government and Commonwealth of Virginia assets located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Dredging and beach construction along the NASA Wallops Flight Facility was completed in August 2012.

The project placed more than 3 million cubic yards of sand along the shoreline to create a wide beach buffer between the Atlantic Ocean and the launch pads, assembly buildings as well as U.S. Navy training facilities located on site.

The project was completed in two phases. The first, completed in 2011 extended the rock seawall by 1,419 linear feet to the south.  The second, consisted of building  a 130 foot wide, 19,400 linear foot long beach.

Additional Work:

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, additional beach replenishment and dune construction will be performed in 2014. The beach renourisment will restore the system back to project design levels.

Project Cost:

Original - $43 Million
Sandy Recovery Funding - $11.3 Million

Project Schedule

 Sand Placement

TBD - 2014
 Sand Fencing and Beach Grass Placement TBD - 2014


Project Location

Project Contact

Norfolk District
803 Front Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

Project Stakeholders

NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Wallops Island, VA
(757) 824-1000