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Letters of Permission, Regional and State General Permit Program

Some of these permits are in Adobe Acrobat PDF files, from 19K to 45K in size.
The free Acrobat Reader can be found here.

  • RP-1
    • for certain Virginia Department of Transportation roadway and railway activities
  • RP-2
    • for certain navigationally-related recreational and commercial dredging projects
  • 17-SPGP-01
  • RP-5
  • RP-15
    • for maintenance of existing drainage ditches and mosquito control ditches
  • RP-17
  • RP-18
    • for piers that exceed the limits of Regional Permit 17, but have minimal individual and cumulative navigational and environmental impacts
  • RP-19
    • for 7 activities over which the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and/or the local wetlands board have regulatory authority
  • RP-20
    • for certain State owned, operated, or managed artificial reefs
  • RP-22
    • for construction of piers, boat docks, boat ramps, and boathouses, excavation of boat slips and channels, construction and backfilling of bulkheads and placement of riprap for shoreline stabilization, and installation of submerged utility and aerial transmission lines in the Virginia Portion of Lake Gaston