Published May 16, 2013
Expiration date: 6/15/2013

The District Commander has received a joint application for Federal and State permits as described below

Virginia Military Institute
BG Robert L. Green
320 South Institute Hill
Lexington, Virginia 24450

The proposed work is planned on approximately 7.5 acres of land located south of N. Main Street, east of Massie Street, north of N. Randolph Street and west of Diamond Street in the City of Lexington, Virginia.  The site drains to the Maury River, a navigable water of the United States.

The proposed project purpose is to construct an indoor training facility for the Virginia Military Institute.  The applicant proposes to discharge fill material into approximately 763 linear feet of stream channel for the purpose of constructing an indoor training facility and all associated infrastructure.  The stream impacts are minimal and the project will qualify for the Norfolk District’s State Programmatic General Permit. 

Under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the Corps is required to take into account the effects of permitted actions on historic properties.  The project is located within the Lexington Historic District, VDHR ID#117-0027 (LHD) and the VMI Historic District, VDHR ID#117-0017 (VMI HD),  both Historic Districts are listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).  In addition, the following properties have been identified within the area of potential effect:  1) the Knights of Pythias Building (DHR ID# 117-0027-0166) which has been determined to be individually eligible and contributing to the LHD and 2) the Hall-Poindexter House (DHR ID#117-0027-0367) which has been determined to be contributing to the LHD. The Knights of Pythias Building is proposed to be relocated in coordination with the Corps, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) and other consulting parties.  The Hall-Poindexter House is currently proposed for demolition in order to construct the training facility.

In consultation with the VDHR, we have determined that the undertaking will adversely affect the LHD, VMI HD, the Knights of Pythias Building, and the Hall-Poindexter House.  Further consultation will be required to seek ways to mitigate the adverse effects.  Individuals and organizations with an interest in the project are invited to participate in this consultation.

In addition to the required Department of the Army permit, the applicant must obtain a Virginia Water Protection Permit from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) assuring that applicable laws and regulations pertaining to water quality are not violated.  Project drawings are attached.

Permits are required pursuant to Sections 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act (Public Law 95-217) and Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.

The Corps of Engineers is soliciting comments from the public; Federal, state, and local agencies and officials; Indian Tribes; and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of this proposed activity. 

Preliminary review indicates that:  (l) no environmental impact statement will be required; (2) no species of fish, wildlife, or plant (or their critical habitat) listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (PL 93-205) will be affected; and (3) the project will result in an adverse effect as noted above.   Additional information might change any of these findings.

Comments on this project should be made in writing, addressed to the Norfolk District, Corps of Engineers, West Central Field Office, P.O. Box 3160, Lynchburg, Va., 24503 and should be received by the close of business on June 15, 2013.


If you have any questions about this project or the permit process, please call:


Ms. Jeanne C. Richardson

Jeanne C. Richardson,
Acting Chief, Northern Virginia Regulatory Section

Attachment: Drawings