Tag: small business
  • December

    Norfolk District’s small business program achieves third banner year

    Although she probably won’t, Norfolk District Deputy for Small Business Programs Cherie Kunze could sit back and enjoy some well-deserved downtime; after all, this is the third consecutive year Norfolk District met and surpassed district goals for awards to small businesses.
  • October

    Small business is big business for Norfolk District

    In the last two years, Cherie Kunze met with over 200 firms, conducted numerous outreach events and used each of her 30 years of contracting experience. In 2019, it paid off. The Norfolk District Office of Small Business Programs deputy took the commander’s program to record highs by far exceeding the district’s small business goals.
  • March

    Vietnam soldier paves way for vets in business

    Jack Beecher is the magic man of small business as he connects Corps opportunities, mostly contracting, with small businesses.