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  • July

    Lynnhaven Inlet Jetties public scoping meeting scheduled for July 22; comment period underway

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or USACE, and the city of Virginia Beach announced the initiation of the Lynnhaven Inlet Jetties Study July 2 via joint website public notices.
  • August

    Contractors dredge near Wachapreague

    Contractors began work dredging channels near the town of Wachapreague Sunday. Cottrell Contracting Corporation’s dredge Marion began dredging Bradford Bay and will work its way northwest into Finney Creek and finally into Wachapreague Channel.
  • March

    Corps responds to emergency dredging in Thimble Shoals federal channel

    NORFOLK – Hazardous shoaling in the Thimble Shoals federal navigation channel launched action between local and federal agencies as they raced to reopen a closed navigation lane. The Virginia Pilots Association alerted the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, of the hazard on March 13, and within hours, a survey team was mobilized.
  • May

    Partnership keeps communication/channel open

    Local, state and federal officials met with commercial fishermen here on the small island May 8 to discuss the best way to keep the channel and harbor open and safe for all vessel traffic that uses the waterway.