Tag: oysters
  • July

    Seagrass restoration part of lower Chesapeake Bay Watershed ecosystem project

    The Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers placed safety signage for the Lynnhaven River Basin Ecosystem Restoration Project’s submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) planting efforts in Broad Bay, near First Landing State Park, within the Lynnhaven River watershed, July 30.
  • May

    Reef building to begin on Piankatank River

    Oysters are receiving a new $2 million, 25 acre reef in the Piankatank River as part of the Chesapeake Bay Oyster Recovery Project.
  • December

    Careers don’t always STEM from childhood dreams

    On sunny days, Kristen Donofrio’s long strides carry her toward her beloved sport bike. The biologist reaches the parking spot and swings a leg over her cobalt blue motorcycle, slides a slick, made-for-speed helmet over her dark brown bob, and turns the engine over. Her pianist fingers play over the bike’s grips, and she launches herself into Norfolk’s afternoon traffic. On the ride home, shorelines and wetlands churning with life blur past her – ecosystems that, as a biologist, she is committed to saving.
  • October

    Going big: district tackles oysters, Lynnhaven

    Contractors for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are moving mountains of fossil oyster shell from Craney Island in Portsmouth, Va., to build 16 acres of sanctuary reefs in Elizabeth River and some of its tributaries, while the work to bring environmental restoration on the Lynnhaven River is ongoing.
  • July

    Craney Island’s oyster mitigation project set for summer launch

    Oysters are expanding their real estate in the Elizabeth River and Hoffler Creek this summer, thanks to a USACE, VPA partnership to construct 16 acres of oyster reef, part of the Craney Island Eastward Expansion project.