Tag: engineering
  • August

    Norfolk District 135: Gustav J. Fiebeger

    Fiebeger became the fifth in command of what would later become the Norfolk District when he took over as officer in charge on July 1, 1890.
  • December

    Careers don’t always STEM from childhood dreams

    On sunny days, Kristen Donofrio’s long strides carry her toward her beloved sport bike. The biologist reaches the parking spot and swings a leg over her cobalt blue motorcycle, slides a slick, made-for-speed helmet over her dark brown bob, and turns the engine over. Her pianist fingers play over the bike’s grips, and she launches herself into Norfolk’s afternoon traffic. On the ride home, shorelines and wetlands churning with life blur past her – ecosystems that, as a biologist, she is committed to saving.
  • October

    District furloughs employees as USACE suspends regulatory operations nationwide

    NORFOLK -- The Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will issue furlough notices to 48
  • September

    Lynette Rhodes’ long, winding road leads back home

    For Lynette Rhodes, there’s no place like home. No place that has come close to evoking the childlike joy of her beloved Norfolk. So when Rhodes returned to Norfolk 17 years later, it felt like it was meant to be.
  • May

    Corps begins post-Sandy study of North Atlantic coast

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers scientists and engineers launched a collaborative study May 28 to determine how best to reduce flood and storm damage risks for people and communities along the North Atlantic coast.
  • October

    Choosing a STEM career: Army Corps of Engineers offers one-stop job opportunities

    The Norfolk District brought out their best when they were invited to a career conference last Friday. There was the doodler and reluctant biologist. The nature lover. The video-gamer. The guy who likes explosions. The fourth family engineer. It was Norfolk District’s dream STEM team: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Experts specifically chosen to draw young minds to STEM careers in the military.