Tag: Army
  • December

    Norfolk District 135: Edward Burr

    Edward Burr served as the sixth commander of the Norfolk U.S. Engineers Office. While in command, oversaw improvements to the inland water route (Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal) from Norfolk, Virginia to Albemarle Sound, North Carolina. These improvements included logging and dredging operations on the North Landing River, as well as straightening the river and making it 80 feet wide and 9 feet deep.
  • June

    Corps, volunteers collect more than 2,000 pounds of shoreline debris

    PORTSMOUTH, Virginia – Sunglasses. Check! Bug spray. Check! Bottled water. Check! Trash bags. Check!
  • October

    District leaders ‘stand down’ for suicide prevention training

    Employees wrapped up their suicide prevention stand-down activities here Oct. 15. The effort, which included manager-led training sessions and small group discussions for each employee was part of the Army-wide suicide prevention stand-down conducted Sept. 27. Training and discussions for supervisors and employees focused on the Army’s award-winning ACE or “Ask, Care and Escort,” which encourages Soldiers and employees at all levels to be alert to suicide warning signs, ask directly if a person is thinking about suicide, care for the person and escort to the person to professional help.