Tag: Finney Creek
  • August

    Contractors dredge near Wachapreague

    Contractors began work dredging channels near the town of Wachapreague Sunday. Cottrell Contracting Corporation’s dredge Marion began dredging Bradford Bay and will work its way northwest into Finney Creek and finally into Wachapreague Channel.
  • July

    Norfolk District prepares to dredge near Wachapreague

    On the Eastern Shore’s lacey, Atlantic-facing coast, two main channels in Finney Creek and Bradford Bay cut their way inland toward the Victorian-era town of Wachapreague, Virginia. The channels, which provide tourism and commerce to Wachapreague and navigation abilities to the U.S. Coast Guard, have naturally silted over since routine dredging in early 2013, but the process was given a significant nudge by Hurricane Sandy. For several months, the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has prepared and begun to implement plans to dredge the channels.