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Audio by Andria Allmond
Corps Talk: Dredging for Compliments (S1Ep10)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District
Nov. 24, 2020 | 01:09:38
Corps Talk: Dredging for Compliments

Last episode, Corps Talk had a special segment about their home – historic Fort Norfolk. And this month’s episode is absolutely nothing like that.

Andie qualifies her inability to make deadlines by blaming the District Commander’s Course, which the Norfolk District hosted in October to assist incoming district commanders and deputy commanders in the Corps. On the flip side, though, she was able to track down and interview leadership throughout the USACE to see who is best in shameless self-promotion of their district and its people (Hint: find out who the winner is in the final chapter of the episode).

Next month’s episode will feature our SSPD (Shameless Self-Promoting District) Award winning district.

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Chapter 1 – How we delivered (00:03:47)
Chapter 2 – Thoughts from a deputy commander (00:12:53)
Chapter 3 – Inside the commander’s studio (00:29:05)
Chapter 4 – Why it all matters (00:55:15)
Chapter 5 – Corps Talk’s inaugural awards program (01:05:05)

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