Programs Branch

The Programs Branch oversees program analysis and development for Norfolk District. It administers the Planning, Programs and Project Management Division, or P3MD, operating budget, develops program budget guidance for use by each branch chief in preparing their annual budget submission in close coordination with Resource Management Office.

This branch coordinates all upward reporting requirements for P3MD and serves as the district PROMIS/P2/P2 Regional Workgroup representative. Acts as the P3MD personnel liaison with the CPAC staff. It assists the P3MD chief and branch chiefs in business development activities as well as develops and maintains district storyboards used in briefings and presentations. Identifies and tracks proposed legislation that may impact future district workload.

The Programs Branch maintains a customer database of congressional interests, budget appropriations, customers' missions and future directions and other valuable information that will be used to develop a strategic outreach plan. Employees in the programs branch conduct trend analyses and extrapolate results to likely future trends in order to develop a comprehensive district business plan.

General Programs Branch information: 757-201-7222