RCI Small Installations Privatization Initiative

The Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) is the Army’s Public Private Venture program whereby the Army has partnered with the private sector to privatize the housing on Army installations. 

Solicitation Bid Proposal - Submission Information

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RCI Small Installations Privatization Initiative contacts


Ms. Mary-Jeanne Marken
Phone: (703) 618-5661

Ms. Mary Scott
Phone:  (706) 627-5050


Partner Questions and Answers

Question: The depreciated value of $143.6 million is for the entire project.  What is the depreciated value of the individual site?    
Answer:  Conveyed Assets- Depreciated Value (Oct. 5, 2021)  

Question:  On the AFHO budget spreadsheet- what are the translations for the Functional area categories? 1911, 1912 etc.
Answer:  PAM 420-1 AFH Accounts Section Oct 12, 2021

Question: SOUTHCOM Army Housing Update: Site Visit Planning