US Army Corps of Engineers
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Planning and Policy Branch

Supervises and coordinates all activities of the Sections within the Planning and Policy Branch. 

Serves as principal advisor to the District Commander on all matters relating to the General Investigations (GI), Regional Sediment Management (RSM) and Continuing Authorities Programs (CAP), serving as the program manager for each.  As such, is responsible for the preparation, independent technical review, and defense of civil works water resources pre-construction (Reconnaissance and Feasibility studies) and post-authorization (General Reevaluation and Limited Reevaluation) decision documents. 

Serves as the District Environmental and Flood Damage Reduction Business Line manager. 

Responsible for External Independent Technical Review of civil works water resources development decision documents.  The GI program consists of Administration and Congressionally authorized initiatives as well as the Planning Assistance to States (PAS) and Flood Plain Management Services (FPMS) programs.  Serves as the principal District contact with respect to the Water Resources Development Acts (WRDA) authorization process. 

Serves as the principal of the District Congressional briefing team as well as in briefings to potential regional, State, and local project sponsors. Responsible for North Atlantic Region (Gatekeeper) on WRDA (authorization bills).  

Responsible for the provision and defense of GI and CAP inputs into the annual civil works budget presentation for submission to the North Atlantic Division. 

Ensures compliance of all civil works pre-authorization and post-authorization decision documents with applicable laws and statutes and Corps regulations to include ER 1105-2-100 (Planning and Policy for Civil Works) and ER 5-1-1 (Projects Management Business Processes), as well as consistency with the Corps of Engineers Environmental Operating Principles. 

Provides support to the District Military program with respect to NEPA and Military Master Planning based on prioritization provided by the Projects Branch. 

Provides support to the District Operations program with respect to provision of economics decision documents based on prioritization provided by the Operations Branch.